The Chef Jouvens Foundation wants to give Haiti’s young people the tools they need to grow and to inspire each other. Reaching that goal comes down to: 1) providing access to food and to nutritional guidance for children, as well as 2) giving young adults the opportunity to receive professional-level training in the culinary arts. Will these initiatives be able to change the world? Hard to say… but we’re hoping they’ll inspire a young person who can! The imagery behind the Foundation’s logo reflects this idea of young caterpillars transformed into butterflies, who pollinate their surroundings as they soar to new horizons. The butterfly is made up of two j’s, for Chef Jouvens Jean’s name, and the vibrant colors reflect the indomitable spirit of the Haitian people.


Winner of the Food Network’s Chef Wanted and Cutthroat Kitchen programs, Chef Jouvens Jean could be described as a “Bahamas-born, U.S.-raised chef of Haitian origin who’s headed up kitchens with Japanese, Mediterranean, French, and Caribbean influences, and has taught culinary arts in China.” These experiences around the world allow him to draw from a variety of sources, though Haitian food plays a central role in many of his creations. He’s also one of that cuisine’s biggest exponents and innovators. This desire to push the cuisine forward is tempered by his respect for its principles, history, and unpretentious nature. In Haiti, he has also been a consultant at the Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel and Kinam Hotel. Through the Chef Jouvens Foundation, he’s looking to help the country’s youth inspire each other by making sure children are fed and eating right, as well as by lending a hand to Haitian young adults interested in the culinary arts, ensuring that they can get the training and opportunities they seek.

Our Mission

The Chef Jouvens Foundation has very clear goals for Haiti. On the one hand, to feed young children and increase their awareness about nutrition, thereby ensuring that they can grow and learn. On the other, to provide hands-on training as well as restaurant experience abroad for young culinary students, so that they can truly flourish in their chosen field. These are the kinds of small contributions we can make to helping young people in Haiti who are experiencing tremendous adversity. In both cases, we sincerely hope our efforts can translate into allowing some very exceptional young people to thrive and in turn, inspire those around them.


There are a multitude of ways to tackle any problem, and in today’s Haiti there are a number of issues that need addressing. Countless statistics bear out that hungry or malnourished children have trouble learning and will fall behind. How many future leaders and innovators is this costing us? Meanwhile, young culinary students in Haiti rarely have the opportunity to push their craft to anywhere near the limits of their abilities. These two problems – hunger and dead ends – may not sound equivalent, but to us they’re two sides of the same coin… Young people, given the opportunity to meet their potential, will inspire others. This is how old cycles get broken and new patterns emerge.


Here you can discover the Chef Jouvens Foundation’s JouJea Bear and Butterfly Lab programs which aim to help Haitian youth to be their best and to grow into people who inspire those around them.


Our JouJea Bear program is there to help five- to twelve-year-olds who don’t have reliable sources of food, by not only providing them with something to eat, but with the life skills they’ll need to reach their full potential. Lest we forget, 100,000 Haitian children under five suffer from acute malnutrition, which can have a serious impact on physical and cognitive development. Later on in life, if children still aren’t getting enough to eat, it can have a huge impact on their ability to learn. That said, even children eating their fill may still be malnourished. For this reason, the foundation also seeks to teach Haitians about nutrition, including how to change their cooking techniques and make use of resources around them… sometimes even in ways that can also help them save money.


10 students per year given the tools to transform themselves into culinary phenomes! This is the goal of the Butterfly Lab… Providing each 18- to 25-year-old aspiring chef with a safe place to transition from promising caterpillar to soaring butterfly – inspiring others as they fly towards their goals. These 10 young women and men will first receive training from the acclaimed Chef Jouvens Jean, someone as grounded in the Haitian fare and ingredients of his upbringing as in some of the world’s other great food traditions – French, Italian, Japanese, and so on. In addition to providing these students with a role model who understands their culinary and personal backgrounds, but also opens them up to a world of possibilities, the Chef Jouvens Jean Foundation will give them the chance to go make the most of that expanded world through further training at partnering restaurants. If you’ll forgive the pun, we truly believe that these young students will produce a butterfly effect in their communities, inspiring others to build and strive for a better tomorrow.


If you want to help give some young Haitians a fighting chance at being the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, simply select one of our packages below and click on the “Donate” button.








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